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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Getting on the GOOD list!

Who knows? We might make the A list!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Chunky Book Deadline is up

Ladies and Gent....START you pages!
The Ten artists below on the gingerbread house are the final count!
I'm wondering if anyone has started their pages yet?
I've already started buying my embellishments in tens. They have some great Christmas charms, ribbons and other gadgets in the dollar zone. LOVE their gift bags! Let's see, a dollar for a great bag in the zone or 5-10 dollars at the mall?
Ten artists; email me for my addy if you don't have it!

Childhood Christmas Chunky Skinny BOOK rules!

THEME: Childhood Christmas Chunky Book
Using a photo of yourself as a child, surround yourself with all of the magic you experienced as a child. You can plop yourself on a hand drawn Santa, in front of a Christmas tree, sitting at the fireplace. Get creative! You can just use the image of your head if you want to draw your own body as long as everyone gets a sense of YOU and your unique art.Fee: $7:00 cash (no checks or stamps please)
This will cover the cost of return postage.
I will probably return chunky book to you in a flat rate box from the Post office ($7 something-ish no matter the weight) and I’ll bubble wrap it carefully.

Trust me………I will send along an extra “goodie” from Santa to make this a great swap!

4”x4” with ¼” inch left margin free of hard embellishments, which include no glue or tape. This is the binding space!
Due Date:
Thanksgiving (USA) so they can be returned before Christmas!

Please include a large return address for me to tape it to the return package.
Please include your pages in a bubble envelope inside a ziplock bag to protect from water damage. The back must also be decorated. A poem you have written, a favorite Christmas recipe, a quote you adore. Your name (screen name) and email address placed on the back.This does not have to be complicated but let everyone know who you are, where you can reached, your website etc.You can send all originals or copies.

Please make sure QUALITY is the key factor.Chunky books: A chunky book is a small, overflowing book made by many artists. Each player creates a page, exactly 4"x4" square and then reproduces that page (color copies) to equal the number of players. For example, if there are 20 players, you will make 20 color copies. Please use quality copying (if doing it yourself on the computer, please make sure your ink cartridges/toners are full!!) and please have your pages printed on quality cardstock or photo paper.

NO printer paper.
Don't make the page and call it a day!
Each page will then be hand embellished by you, with charms, ribbons, stamps, fibers, collage, glitter or your favorite media. Share your magic!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Long necked girl challenge.

Taking the long necked girl challenge, I took the line art in to PhotoPaint and gave her a little color and a vintage mannequin's rubber hair. I think she looks very 50's!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

So far we have TEN people in the Chunky Skinny Book Swap.
This will be a really nice coffee table decoration as well as a touchy feely glitter PEOPLE book! I am thinking about the cover being a tea colored muslin with a fabric photo of something like the above. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Girls just wanna have FUN!

I just had to share a tiny bit of my real work. This is a very FUN project. My drawing will be decaled on to mugs for sale. Can you see what 2 characters these 2 guys are? LOL
They dressed up for a charity auction and were show stoppers! They belong to a DISH collectors club that meets once a year and it is a blast! Their "stage names" are Scarlet and Vanna and they are thrilled to have their images put on a mug. I loved bringing them to life with a few lines!
In my drawing, the character to the far right is an old imaginary woman I've done for years. She's as sassy as all get out, wears a big beehive hair doo and dresses in leopard print and feathers. Her full name is Ms. Bea Havin'. She tells people to JUST BEA NICE! Bea is a lot like my old neighbor with the hot red lips, beehive hairdoo and sassy attitude! She swore like a sailor and smoked like a chimney, bless her heart, she left a lasting impression on me. Here's to you old neighbor (Ms. Bea), Scarlet and Vanna. I wish everyone would learn how to play like these people and just have FUN.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Yippee! The small formica tab is done.
I absolutely LOVE the diamond glaze that Terri (TysNinnie) gave me the scoop on. Of course I want to buy 10 bottles. Why? Because I was art supply deprived as a child, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it and a bad excuse is better than none.
I tried to keep all of my TRAVEL art in the same theme and era. I LOVE everything about the 30's and 40's. The clothes, the art, the slow pace of life. I'm sure if I had to be a housewife back then I might have a man planted with the tulips. ((((( Kidding))))
I don't think I'd like the "fetch my pipe and slippers crap."
I will let LisaOD come up with a story about this man sitting at the train station. I wonder where he was going and who was waiting for him? I know, a woman with his pipe and slippers!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I made my second TRAVEL art for the formica swap. One of them is for Lisa (the host), she will have to choose which one she likes. I'm happy with both of them. This one is a page torn from an old 1941 magazine, the article was about lady travel on the rail. The date on the Train Bulletin is April 8, 1941. Some of the ads in this magazine are amazing. If you wore the proper girdle, right shade of lipstick, shampooed with Breck, kept a spotless house, had the children settled before your husband came home from work and you greeted him (freshened up, of course) with a smile and warm meal.....you were living the American dream. I also noticed that certain tranquilizers were sold over the counter. Don't you love it?

On this collage, I have magazine pages, some little travel bling, a small piece of paper doiley stained with tea, two clear magnifier stick ons and a hat pin. Opps, some glitter too.

I'm really glad I saved some of my mom's old magazines when we cleaned out her house. Dr. Spock was the MAN back then. His whole article on traveling with children made me laugh out loud! When traveling by car, stop each day by 4 PM to make sure the children get settled in. What a hoot!


I made this collage for two reasons.

One, because I know I will still have art supply addictions if I made it to my 80's. Two, I'm hoping this will be me and my friend Lyn.

Once upon a time, when I was another person and my friend Lyn was another person, we used to have the best times being creative. I believe it was in the late 70's. We sewed, painted, carved, made dolls and anything else we could get our crafty fingers on. We baked creative foods, made wonderful costumes for our kids and went crazy gathering nature and dragging it into our homes. I remember making a wreath out of jagger-bush burrs and grapevine and had bloody fingers for weeks. We painted our jeans, our shoes, tie dyed, made candles. Everyday we created something! I can't remember where we got all of that inspiration, there were only a few "good" art/craft magazines out back then. Every year before Christmas, Lyn would open her house, that really was a magic cottage....to the public for a Christmas Craft Sale. Her tree would be up, her house would be filled with scents of cinnamon and gingerbread and she would sell our goodies. We would use our money for our kid's Christmas toys.
When I look back I wonder how we did it, we both had little ones running all over the place getting into our stuff. If one of us learned how to do something new we would teach the other. We made soft sculpture dolls before the cabbage patch kids came out, they were a version of our dolls. We made the most awesome art on the planet. A lot of people didn't understand our art because we were glitter girls and didn't know it. We pushed each other to new levels of creative expression.
Then one day,I moved away and became a new person, so did she. Over the years we've both had ups and downs in our lives but everytime we see each other we turn into those two chatty girls from the 70's and we both miss each other. Little did we realize that we were wonderful therapy to each other in those days.
I got a card from her about a year ago, it was hand made with an angel, she wrote. Friends are angels that lift us up when we forget how to fly. She thanked me for helping her through a rough time and I didn't realize it meant so much to her. It made me cry. We both have reputations for being different, some would say CRAZY, we would say we march to our own drum.
She lives in NC but called me this week end. She told me there are no art groups in her area that do our kind of art. WOW, is she in for a treat. I sent her links to all of the creative glitter sister sites that I have. I am so glad to have my first glitter sister back. Lyn, I love you. We are going to make some great art!