Judi's Flying Monkeys

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I am the laziest blogger I know


OMG! I made myself a flying monkey!

I LOVE him!

I've been so overwhelmed with MAJOR rigamaroo that I've taken on that I never have time to get on my own blog. What's up with that?

Overloading yourself by saying YES too much.

The Glitter girls do seem to find ourselves in similar situations and always manage to pull each other out of our rough spots. Over on Violette's blog she suggests using a talisman as a reminder when someone asks you to do something and you need to really give yourself time to think about it before saying YES. She is using a bell. I will envision my flying monkey clanging his symbols over my head, looking at me with his zombie eyes with his sharp teeth bared ready to bite. That might work. Now ask me to do something for you. ........OUCH, he bites hard!


Sunday, September 17, 2006

MOVIE ATC's done

I have my Movie ATC's done. They are duplicate cards. Lots of red glitter and sequins. If you ask me, "what movie?"
I'll have to call the flying monkeys!
WOW, two posts in one day!
We have until the end of the month for all of the cards to get here. One from England might take a little longer.


I finally got my 5X3 Travel Swap art done. This has been an on again- off again project because I had too many ideas going on at once. The title is;

"Some traveled the world, she traveled in her dreams."
I used the famous depression mother photo with an old bus schedule as background. Along the sides are small print outs of magazine covers when Bette Davis and Ginger Rodgers were big stars. I laminated them and tied them on the card through the eyelets. I stayed up half the night working on this because I lost all track of time. I was totally in the art zone. You should see my dining room, it looks like a zone too. Twilight zone.
While I was working on these little magazine covers I took another trip down memory lane. The magazines were 10 cents. My Mom didn't buy these magazines because I think my Dad would have flipped out if she wasted money on movie star crap. I do remember a neighbor woman bought them and I loved going to her house to read her magazines and just watch her do anything. She was divorced and light years ahead of our neighborhood. She wore bright red lipstick, movie star clothes and had a big beehive hair doo! She has been dead for years but her unique style burned an imprint in my mind. I admired her for being her own person and not worrying what others thought. She eventually moved away and married a man that adored her but she never had a Ya Ya.
Here's to all Ya Ya's that follow their dreams.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Little Ms. Comfy Piggie

This is a colored pencil and marker drawing. I was in the mood to feel comfy! I want a love seat like this. I don't know why I drew holly berries on her blanket, maybe it's an after Christmas dinner nap! My favorite! Our CHUNKY BOOK swap has Christmas bells ringing in my head.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Just imagine what these painted canvas pieces will look like when I get get to them. They are sketched and painted waiting to be altered with paper, tickets, old newsprint, beads, etc. I'm hoping if I show them I will be forced to get moving. I think the TeaTime ladies will be awesome when they get colorful dresses and hats with beads. I sketched both images from an old magazine and old photo. The pottery man was a hottie guy and I went too dark on him. He looks like someone you wouldn't want on your flight, I have to fix that! All of the books in the background will have real book covers cut and glued to the canvas, probably yard sale MAN books, I would never alter a good book. FINALLY, I put up some real art! GEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE, what is my problem?
I also found another 50's photo of me and my friends from the hood. When I looked at it I remembered something, there are at least 4 other kids missing from the photo. Ughhh...how would you like to babysit this bunch? I am the one with the bushy hair

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Today I went through a ton of old photos (and I mean OLD)... looking for a photo for our CHUNKY BOOK SWAP! I scanned this one and had to laugh. I was driving Tiny Tears (Britney style) in my fire truck and cow girl hat on the hood with my bathing suit on. I can honestly remember doing things like that constantly. I think it was power playing or multi tasking! I played around with the photo and gave mini me a funny red hair do, kind of like my hair now.
I don't have to write that I am the laziest blogger on the planet. . . I am.
I have a lot of rigamaroo going on in my life right now that is keeping me away from all of my friends and I do apologize. I just need some space until the dust settles. I still love you gals and can't wait to get my groove back! Hugs!