Judi's Flying Monkeys

Friday, July 24, 2009

Max Cat

Max loves to watch me get ready for work.

He watches me in a mirror.

He makes sure I cast an image so he doesn't have to

worry if I'm a vampire or not! Silly cat!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Send Prayers

Today is day ZERO for my friend Becky.
Please send prayers as this is
the first day of her new life!
Please say a special prayer for her
unknown donor.
What a priceless gift!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

HLCCA 2009 Conference

Thank you Pat for the great slideshow!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

2009 Art donation

My Grandmother helping me ride a zebra. Me with cowgirl hat on!

YEEHaw! Go figure!

This was taken at Kennywood Park!

This was my first BIG adventure that I can remember!

(all photos enlarge by clicking on them)

click on photos to enlarge

When you think of FUN and COLOR, does a childhood memory come back?

One of the BEST memories I have was my very first trip to Kennywood Park. I was about three and I thought I was in another land. I remember bits and pieces of the trip on a train. My feet didn't reach the end of the seat and it took forever to get there.

I had (probably a forced) nap on a big fluffy pillow and I was overwhelmed when I woke up. We were THERE!

I remember the noise, the different scents but most of all the COLOR!

I thought the Gypsy Lady Fortune teller in the glass box was alive.

I rode a zebra and have the photo to post later. I remember the teacup ride with my cousins. My cousin Donnie threw up but Donna and I had a blast.

Most of all I remember the fit I took when it was time to leave!

That memory is very VIVID!

WHY did we have to go back to the real world?


Does it get any better?

That is the spirit of the HLCCA Conference!


Yes. Well BeaHaved women ornament comes with the art.

This will be the 1/1 artist proof

New 12 pound kitty

Enjoy the ride!

These are not the true colors!
This is my latest piece of art for the 2009 HLCCA auction.

I will write the BIO about this piece tomorrow. I was really excited to see

this printed on canvas.

It really is a piece about fun and color!