Judi's Flying Monkeys

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Lucy Dragonfly

Another piece of altered art.
This is an old charcoal drawing on board that has yellowed.
The writing on back reads;
Either Flora Davis Wollam
or Sister
Della Davis Smith.
This one was a bit more difficult since it was charcoal.
Any (water colors) on the charcoal would make mud.
I used colored pencils, gel pens and acrylic paint.
As you will see, my cat wanted to help. He tried to
walk though the paint a few times and finally did.
After he got yelled at, he hid behind Miss Manny Kin.
He thought I couldn't see him.
I removed the art from the frame, it was stapled on.
The art started to crumble at the corners.
I cleaned and painted the frame first. Spray paint and
then twinkling H20's. When it was dry I sprayed with triple thick.
The art was done with colored pencils first. I had no idea
where I was going with this but I did want her to be
She had to be a dragon fly.
Once again, to the person in the art.
I gave you wings and color. I hope this makes you smile!
After all, your relatives not only put you in an antique mall
they forgot your name!
Fly away little dragonfly Lucy in the sky with diamonds!
Always remember CHANGE is a good thing!